Research Paper Writing | Formatting Using the MLA Style

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Have you been asked to submit an assignment formatted using the MLA style. Feeling stuck? Here are some tips for a good research paper.

Easily Format a Good MLA Research Paper — Here’s How

Assignments come with different requirements and instructions and formatting requirements. If your instructor has issued a specific requirement regarding your paper, make sure to follow them. That said, here are some useful guidelines for a quality MLA format research paper.

Use the Proper Margins and Fonts Throughout the Text

Academic papers are formal documents and should be consistently organized. Your goal should be to complete an easily legible paper. Except for the running head, you should leave margins of one inch all around. For the formatting of the text, pick a typeface that is easily legible such as the Times New Roman. Use 12 points for your font size. Space your text evenly using double spacing throughout.

Properly Format Your Heading and Title

One way to enhance readability and improve the organization of your work is to use headings and subheadings. Start by properly organizing the information on the title page. Include your name, your professor’s name, the course code, and the date. You should then include your title in a new double-spaced line, centered. Avoid using italics or quotations marks when writing the paper title.

Remember to Include a Running Head with Page Numbers

The numbering of pages is an important aspect of formatting research papers using the MLA style. Include page numbers in the upper right corner, flush with the right margin. Include your surname in front of the page number.

Properly Format Intext Citations and Bibliographic Entries

A crucial aspect of academic writing is using credible evidence and examples to support arguments and ideas. For the sake of academic integrity, and to avoid accusations of plagiarism, it helps to make sure that any idea or information borrowed from other sources are properly cited within with text and in a list of references at the end of the paper.

The MLA style uses a parenthetical author page system to recognize sources within the text. The list of works cited comes at the end of the text, on a different page. You should use hanging indention for each entry, double spacing the entire list.

Use the Right Format for Illustrations and Tables

Graphs, tables, and other illustrations are used in research papers to illustrate points and present findings. When using the MLA style, place illustrations and tables as close as possible to the parts of the texts that they relate to. In most cases, a table will be labeled as ‘table’ given a numeric tagging and titled. Remember to provide the source of the table or figure. As with the rest of the text, double space throughout.

In this article, we have examined how to format your research paper using the MLA style. Of course, there are many more elements that have not been covered.